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Current projects that the PAF is pursuing include adding more streetscape further along Euclid east of Second Avenue, having the mural on the south side of the Highland Hardware building replaced, Riverview Island, and re-releasing the history book, "If They'd Just Blow Up the Bridges, We Would Be All Right." The history book was written by James E. Jacobson and hosts many interesting facts about the area. Many of the points from the history page were taken from this book. 


The streetscape is funded by the SSMID program and is in the planning process now. We are accepting donations to help fund the mural project outside the hardware store. Ben Schuh, one of Des Moines's best artists and muralists, is completing a new design. Riverview Island is a project that we look forward developing more as time passes. We would like to see it used again as a well trafficked recreation area at some point in the future. 

Old mural and new design in Highland Park. PAF, along with the Iowa Arts Council, also sponsored a mural in Park Fair Mall.

Stage/Playground Update
On January 22nd 2018, the Des Moines City Council voted to make PAF the primary concessionaire of Riverview Park and put in place the construction of the Prairie Meadows Riviera Stage and Variety Star Playground. Construction begins in 2019. Below are two pictures of the proposed stage location and Carousel Shelter concept at Prairie Meadows Riviera stage.