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Riverview Amusement Park was in operation from 1915-1978. After many, many years of stagnation, a master revitalization project has been completed.

"For many Des Moines residents, Riverview holds a very special place. For many, it was the place of the first date, first kiss, first dance, first live concert, first roller coaster ride, first fireworks show, and now we celebrate another first, the grand opening of the Prairie Meadows Riviera stage. 


It has been so impressive to watch all the hard work that has brought us to the current Riverview, and there is a long list of people and groups who have made this possible. Thank you to the Parks Area Foundation, a group of volunteers who simply had a dream to improve their neighborhood. Of course it took a lot more than just a dream, it took an army of volunteers who put on the Rendezvous on Riverview concert series for the past 12 years. The concerts were free, but the volunteers worked hard, sometimes in brutal heat, cooking hamburgers and hotdogs and selling beer to raise money for the stage. 


Credit goes to the Des Moines Parks and Recreation Department, especially Ben Page and Lee Wheelock, who saw the passion and dedication of the neighborhood and worked hard to make the dream come true. The amount of work that has gone into fund-raising has been impressive and the results speak for themselves. You are looking at a $4.2 million dollar performance stage that would not be here without the dedicated work and fund-raising efforts of a lot of people." 

Linda Westergaard, Ward 2 City Council Representative

The stage has been gifted to the City of Des Moines. Des Moines Parks and Recreation department will is responsible for maintenance and upkeep.

Donations can be sent to:

Parks Area Foundation

P.O. Box 3323

Des Moines, Iowa 50316. 

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Project Update

The stage construction is complete and we held our first season in 2021.


Going forward, ROR will be held every Friday in June and July and we are taking 3rd party bookings from anyone interested in hosing an event and or live music.

Watch the Riverview Events Website for upcoming event details:

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