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About the Board Officers

President: Sadie Trytten

Sadie Trytten is an experienced, educated and motivated individual that strives on success through accomplishments, challenges, and learning something new every day. She was taught by former employers, peers, and mentors, to never stop at what has been asked, go above and beyond the call of duty. As a businesswoman in the non-profit sector, wife and mother of four, she finds herself doing whatever it takes to serve others and make our community a better place. Communication, fundraising and networking through organizations and volunteer opportunities are strengths of hers. Sadie works for Neighborhood Development Corporation who is a community-focused, non-profit that works to revitalize neighborhoods and promote sustainable development.

Vice President: Jordan Richardson

Jordan Richardson and his wife Mallory have lived in the Oak Park neighborhood of Des Moines since 2016. From the very beginning, Jordan recognized the potential for his northside neighborhood and fell in love with the character of the community. Jordan and Mallory's north side roots grew deeper in 2020 when they signed a lease for Des Moines Mercantile, a modern general store owned by Mallory. Jordan is Senior Charitable Giving Advisor at the Community Foundation of Greater Des Moines, where he guides charitable individuals and organizations in strategic philanthropic planning. 

Secretary: Ashley Kennebeck

Ashley Kennebeck grew up in small towns around Iowa (military family) before settling in Ankeny in 1999. She graduated high school in 2004 and then the University of Iowa, with a degree in sociology. A few years later she decided to follow in her parents and sister's footsteps and enlisted in the Iowa Army National Guard, where she spent eight years as a preventive medicine specialist. After hanging up the uniform, she works as an industrial hygiene tech for the Iowa National Guard. Ashley has lived in Oak Park for five years and fell in love with that "small town charm" she grew up with. Because she loves the history and pride the neighborhood has, she has been involved with the Highland Park/Oak Park Neighborhood Association for four years, currently serving as the president. 

Treasurer: Emily Jones

Along with her husband Lucas, Emily Jones purchased Highland Park's Chuck’s Restaurant in 2014. She became a board member the following year. Since then Emily and Lucas have had two beautiful children, bringing their total to four -- three girls and one boy. They are very family oriented and consider their Chuck's customers and employees to be included. PAF is a group that Emily hopes to continue to grow with for decades to come and feels honored to be a part of.

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