Current projects that the PAF is pursuing in the future includes adding more streetscape further along Euclid east of Second Avenue, having the mural on the south side of the Highland Park Hardware building touched up, Riverview Island and rereleasing the history book "If They'd Just Blow Up the Bridges, We Would Be All Right".  The streetscape is funded by the SSMID program and is in the planning process now.  We are accepting donations to help fund the mural project outside the Hardware store so as to have it restored to its original form.  Riverview Island is a project that we look forward developing more as time passes.  We would like to see it used again as a well trafficked recreation area at some point in the future.  The history book was written by James E. Jacobson and hosts many interesting facts about the area.  Many of the points from the history page were taken from this book. 


NEW: - On January 22nd 2018, the Des Moines City Council voted 7 - 0 to make PAF the primary concessionaire of Riverview park and put in place the construction of the Prairie Meadows Riviera Stage and Variety Star Playground.  Construction to begin in 2019.  Below are a few pictures of the proposed stage location and Carousel Shelter concept at Prairie Meadows Riviera stage.


Variety – the Children’s Charity is proud to announce it will begin work on its second all- inclusive Star Playground in Des Moines. Variety’s newest playground will be located at Riverview Park.

“Variety believes that playgrounds should be for everybody, regardless of physical limitations and challenges,” said Sheri McMichael, Executive Director of Variety, “We are excited to begin work on the Variety Star Playground at Riverview Park.”

The Variety Star Playground at Riverview Park will be ramped for accessibility, have a poured in place rubber surface and will provide opportunities for children and adults of all abilities to interact together through play. The playground will include shade canopies, play structures to promote core strength, harnessed swings, a saucer swing that allows children to lay flat to experience sensation of swinging and other additional features.

Variety elected to build the Star Playground at Riverview Park because of the park’s centralized location and because it is currently the focus of a revitalization effort.  This larger project will transform the park with the addition of an entertainment stage and shelter. Variety hopes the Star Playground project will infuse additional excitement and energy into the park overhaul.

The redevelopment of Riverview Park is an exciting opportunity for investment and revitalization of the north side of Des Moines,” said Linda Westergaard, Ward 2 City Council Representative, “I'm excited that Variety has chosen to help make Riverview Park a destination by building the fully inclusive Star Playground here. The Star Playground will be a unique and wonderful feature of the renovated Park area, and will create lasting memories for the next generation of kids that experience Riverview.”

Upon completion, the playground will be gifted to the city of Des Moines. Des Moines Parks and Recreation department will be responsible for maintenance and upkeep.