Vice President: Jo Harvey

     Rebecca "Jo" Harvey, originally from Winterset, has lived in the Des Moines area since 1966. She is retired from the mortgage lending industry where she worked in originations and servicing. She served as Chairperson of the Oak Park Neighborhood Association. Jo has volunteered for the Dam-to-Dam race since 1981 and also worked with the Race Committee for many rears. She is a Board Member of the Financial Plus Credit Union. 

Secretary:  Pamela (Pam) A. Thompson

     Pam has been a resident of the Union Park neighborhood most of her life.  She graduated for St. Joseph Academy in 1964.  Pam was employed by the Heartland Area Education Agency for 28 years and worked as a director secretary.  She also supported the secretaries in Heartland's branch offices around central Iowa.  While at Heartland, she attended several staff development classes and was a member of the diversity and in-service committees.  Pam was the chief registrar for the Ruan Greater Des Moines Grand Prix.  She served on the board for the Ankeny Gymnastics Club.  Pam is an active member of her church, Our Lady of the Americas (Visitation) and has held positions on the parish council and served as a trustee.  Pam has volunteered at Mercy Hospital, WineFest, and the Parks Area Sweet Corn Day. 

Treasurer: William W. Thompson

     Bill Thompson graduated from North High School as well as the American Savings and Loan Institute and the Graduate Realtors Institute.  His work history includes the owner and real estate appraiser of the Des Moines Appraisal Services, working for the Highland Real Estate Services, owner of TW Construction, Condemnation Commissioner of the 5th Judicial District, owner and President of Event Services Incorporated of America, co-owner of Willy & Dave's Deli, Sports Car Club of America National Championships-operations, and the owner of the Wm. Thompson & Associates/SouthPaw Ventures.  Bills' public service includes serving as the events manager of the Ruan Grand Prix, the logistics' chairman of WineFest, as well as the City of Ankenys' Housing Advisory Board.


President:  Phyllis Wheeler

     Phyllis graduated from North High School in 1998 and joined the Parks Area Foundation as a member representative of a local financial institution, MetaBank, in 2005.  She has been working with MetaBank since 2000.  She has served as the PAF secretary since 2010. She grew up in the Highland and Oak Park neighborhood(s) and has been a resident for more than 20 years.  She is highly involved in various organizations as both an active member and a volunteer.